iOS 13.4 Beta 2! 50+ New Features/Changes

2020 21 فوریه
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iOS 13.4 Beta 2 brings over 50 changes! Find My is getting ready for AirTags, iPhone 9 software changes, lots of Music tweaks & CarPlay adjustments.
iOS 13.4 Beta 1 review.
iPhone 9 & 12 Pro Leaks update.
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    • @gv Billy me thinks iPhone is better!

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  • What were the wallpapers that you used?

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  • Love watching your videos!

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  • I wish Apple would add stuff we actually want and not the smallest details we won’t even notice. Great video btw

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  • Hoping that the Iphone will update for not flipping those pictures 🤞

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  • do you know when iOS 13.4 is coming out

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  • Does anyone else just want to see this device list on find my?

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  • It has to do with Colors being wrong and less vibrant then they can be

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  • Hey dude can you email me I saw something shocking on my iPhone

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  • Me: watches this video and is glad I’m still on iOS 12.4.1 on my iPhone 11 Pro

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  • I would like to win something just ONCE in my life!

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  • How about an update to what this does to older phones? For example my iPhone XS Max now will not work with an audio interface when it did prior. Apparently the audio driver is screwed up now.

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  • So many subtle improvements, so nice informative video.

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  • Wow that is really good apple pays attention to smallest of the detail in software and comparing to that android dosent give a shit abt ur phone and will give u update after decades!

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  • how about the battery drain? did they fix them? or just getting worse I'm really sick of my battery keep draining like hell and i just changed my battery too 😡

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  • Love from India❤️ I just love ur videos bro.. i like ur dedication u put in each and every video.. i do watch each of them.. even i don’t have most of the devices aur accessories u show..😜 But i just love ur dedication and Good luck to u in ur new mobile covers venture 😊👍🏻

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  • Didn’t know half of these.

  • I am running iOS beta and right after you show all of these new features and fixes, I just go to the home screen and check out all of the new features, because I honestly don’t even notice them.

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  • Beta 3 is out!

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  • Need for help with alarm in clock app. Most of the time Alarm is not ringing since ios 11. After snoozing, it will start ringing. I tried resetting the phone and removing the alarm, but didn’t solve the issue. I think it is a bug. Thanks,

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